Venture Capital Investing Simplified.

REVERE is a purpose-driven asset management firm specializing in venture capital and innovation investing.
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Our Approach

Revere delivers its investment products and other curated venture capital investment opportunities to your fingertips via a digital experience empowering you to build your portfolio with confidence, knowledge, and complete control.
“We are approaching the ‘Vanguard’ moment for venture capital, where exposure to the asset class will increasingly be through novel investment products as opposed to the very limited ways we currently have to invest.”
Eric Woo — Co-founder, Revere VC

US VC Records Set in 2020:

  • US$156.2 B
    deployed into startups by investors
  • US$290.1 B
    Liquidated of value via exits
  • US$73.6 B
    Closed in traditional VC funds