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Venture capital should be open to all investors, investment advisers, and family offices, but it may not be a fit for everyone.

We started Revere to demystify the complex process of investing in VC funds and lend investment expertise to those investors with limited time and resources to build VC portfolios.

Our Team

Meet the team

We’re dedicated to building a diverse team — in all senses of the word. And in the spirit of our behavior of radical candor: we’re not there yet. But here’s how we’re doing so far.

Eric Woo, CFA

Co-Founder and CEO

Eric is passionate about empowering the next generation of emerging fund managers through hands-on guidance, coaching, and mentoring.

Chris Shen

Co-Founder and COO

Chris focuses on working alongside fund managers and companies to grasp the top-down/bottoms-up nature of investing and company-building.

Shawn Lan

Product Lead

Shawn guides products from inception to launch by connecting the technical and business worlds with his years of investment and operational experience in VC.

Spencer Tyson

Investment Ratings Lead

Spencer leads Emerging Manager Coverage at Revere. He leverages his counterparty risk management and institutional operations background to provide the most in depth fund diligence on the market.

Nishan Meric

Client Success Lead

Nishan looks forward to building relationships as Revere’s client point of contact. He offers his expertise to solve for advisor pain points from deal sourcing to closing.

Sruthi Sivanandan

Marketing & GTM Lead

Sruthi leads Venture Marketing at Revere, where she leverages her ETF Trading background, start-up operator experience and multidisciplinary creativity to build Revere into a market category king.

Eric Mercker

Data Scientist

Eric heads up data science efforts at Revere. From emerging manager coverage to full stack development, he helps Revere present deep insights driven by robust, high integrity data.

Andrew Chalas

Research Lead

Andrew helps propel Revere forward by leading our targeted research and strategy efforts. He leverages his prior experience of crafting strategy for companies large and small.

Anna Jacoby

Investment Analyst

Anna supports the investment team by analyzing, assessing and writing about inbound investment opportunities.

Angela Hsu

Investment Analyst

Angela works with Emerging Managers to provide diligence ratings for Revere by analyzing fund assets and performing market research.

strive for


Being an acknowledged expert in a particular field means continuously refining your analytical lens, honing pattern recognition and developing your community.

focus on


Fancy AI or software can never fully replace or replicate our collective experiences of living through and investing in economic, development and investment cycles.

always demonstrate


We intend to lead the diversity, equity & inclusion movement in venture capital to foster equality and diversified sources of returns in alternative assets.

March toward


With the democratization and productization of alternative assets well underway, we intend to be the market leader for venture capital, and then apply our blueprint to other asset classes.
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