Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Revere?
Revere empowers investment advisors and allocators with the tools to build custom venture capital portfolios. Our guided approach helps clients identify where they are on the venture capital journey and our targeted solutions provide products and services to address your critical pain points. With 20+ years of experience and a quarter of a billion dollars invested in venture capital, our expertise will save you time, energy, and resources.

Today, managers on our platform are collectively raising $3.6B with 60% of them from underrepresented backgrounds and 20% pursuing impact-focused strategies. Revere is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and backed by institutional venture capital firms, family offices, asset management firms and strategic investors located in nine countries around the world.
2. Why Revere?
Revere provides independent analysis & tools for evaluating early-stage venture capital funds. We believe that better data and information transparency between investors and venture capital fund managers can eliminate the challenges of connecting and closing capital, thereby enabling a wider audience of investment advisers, wealth managers and family offices to participate in the next wave of innovation.
3. Who can invest?
Accredited investors, qualified purchasers, and/or qualified clients that meet the relevant accreditation requirements that are ready to participate in the venture capital asset class. Investors are responsible for certifying or warranting that they meet certain requirements and are able to invest in the relevant strategy. Revere also reserves the right to review the status of any investors. At this time, we are not able to support crowdfunding and/or purely retail investors that do not meet specific accreditation criteria. If you’re not sure what your investor status is, please speak to your investment adviser, accountant or legal counsel who will likely know. If all else fails, please, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to do an introductory call.
4. What is a typical investment offered by Revere?
At this time, the typical fund offered by Revere is a venture capital manager that has been assigned a Revere Rating. Funds can then be grouped into a Revere Venture Capital Basket™️ (VCBs™️), an innovative, first-of-its-kind approach to invest in a basket of emerging managers that focus on a particular sector, theme or region. Revere ONE provides an enterprise solution that enables our team to build bespoke or custom mandates alongside your team. Please reach out to find out more.
5. Do you offer direct investment opportunities?
Yes. For clients using and investing through Revere ONE, we are able to leverage our platform, ecosystem and network to develop a systematized co-investment program that invests directly into startups. Please reach out for more information.
6. What is the minimum commitment amount or fees to use the platform?
Our clients range from high net worth individuals and single family offices to investment advisers and large multinational organizations, and have different requirements and mandates. As such, Revere is currently offering customized pricing and solutions for customers through Revere ONE. Please contact us at for more details.
7. What is a Revere Rating?
Revere Ratings is a standardized framework for assessing and evaluating fund managers' strengths and work-in-progress elements. We offer direct and candid feedback, exposure to our global investor network, greater information and data capture standardization, and automatic enrollment in our managed investment strategies.

The intention is for this system to be an industry standard and service as a critical unlock for bringing greater transparency and consistency to ongoing information-sharing engagement between GPs and LPs.  In time, this data set becomes the foundation for establishing the best performance benchmarks for early-stage VC.

If you are a GP, please reach out to us if you have any questions or sign up to start the ratings process.
8. What if I have further questions?
Please reach out to our team at and a human being will respond.
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