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"Revere's platform is exactly what I've been looking for as an emerging manager. It is the perfect platform for other emerging managers and LPs who are looking to invest in the category.  I especially appreciate the radical transparency and thoughtfulness the team put into their due diligence process. The feedback that was provided was both helpful and authentic to allow me to become a better fund manager."

Matt Cohen

"At MaC we are targeting companies that offer access to opportunities to communities that have largely been underserved. To that end, it made sense to work with Revere, which is unlocking one of the best-performing asset classes, venture capital, to a community of investors who have previously been shut out. Shining a light on new and established managers in a way that is easy to compare and contrast brings some transparency to a historically opaque industry."

Michael Palank

"We've really enjoyed working with Spencer and the Revere team. They were very thorough and thoughtful in assembling an impressively detailed report on our firm that we now plan to use as our own fundraising collateral. We're excited about their work to democratize access to venture capital."

Wes Selke

“Impact X was attracted by Revere’s innovative, structured and transparent rating methodology, factoring financial return and social impact, and applied by a highly experienced and insightful team through a rigorous due diligence process.  The Revere platform is an invaluable tool for GP’s like Impact X to gain exposure to LP’s and their advisors researching complex options to fulfill their investment mandates.”

Eric Collins

"Highly value the independence and diligence the Revere team has consistently exhibited. We're excited to participate in their inaugural program, and look forward to collaborating with future LPs we meet in their community."

"Revere creates an unbiased rating to help LPs seeking to deploy capital in emerging managers investing in new approaches, new theses and categories, and undercapitalized founders and markets. REFASHIOND Ventures is proud to be one of these funds."

Brian Laung Aoaeh



Direct and candid feedback on your fundraising narrative and presentation materials drawn from our collective experience as an institutional fund investors.


Exposure to a large investor network looking to qualify and diligence VC funds.


Greater standardization of information and data capture to enable more efficient relationship between between GPs and LPs.


Automatic enrollment in our managed strategies, where Revere aggregates capital into  investment vehicles and serves as the LP of record in your fund.

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Our 7-Step Rating Process

Added to the pipeline
Timeline: 1 day
Screening and initial review of materials
Timeline: 1 week
Fund profile setup
Timeline: 2-3 days
Profile Build Out
Ratings call & draft rating
Timeline: 2-3 days
Interaction Board
Open commenting & final rating
Timeline: 1 week
Fund profile & rating published
Timeline: 1 day
Selected as candidate for Revere managed baskets
Timeline: 1 day

Our 6-Step Onboarding Process

Register: Secure spot in onboarding queue
Information Gather: Screening and initial review
Profile Build Out: Officially added to Revere’s Pipeline Explorer
Ratings Diligence: Deep dive manager interview
Interaction Board: Commenting period on draft ratings
Verified: Full Ratings Report published to Revere ONE
Verified: Selected as a candidate for Revere managed baskets

As a long-time student of venture capital, I’ve come to appreciate the cyclical nature of this corner of the alternative investment asset class.  After all, VC funds are 10-year vehicles, so by definition they are trying to capture innovation trends that play out over a decade, from nascent sparks of ideas to category-defining market leaders. To understand the nature of VC, one must  recognize that “access” has long been the centerpiece of great debate: a select few mega VC franchises have access to the best deals and if you can’t invest in their funds then don’t bother investing in VC at all.But a funny thing has happened in the last 10 years. If you were to ask a startup founder today who would be the ideal first-check investor, chances are a large, billion dollar VC would not be at the top of the list.  Instead, it is a targeted list of angels or early-stage micro VCs that bring more than just capital to the table. In the last few years, thousands of these angels and small fund managers have mobilized and reshaped the entire startup funding ecosystem.It was my job to track and invest in this new category of fund managers. In witnessing these movements and dislocations over the last 12 years, it became clear that the issue to be solved in venture capital is NOT “access” but “accessibility”.  More fund managers means more avenues to invest.  More avenues to invest means new capital participants coming into the asset class.  These new entrants require education and investment tools. Add this all up and that equates to more confusion on where and how to invest in VC.

In witnessing these movements and dislocations over the last 12 years, it became clear that the issue to be solved in venture capital is NOT “access” but “accessibility”.

Revere’s mission is to bring greater data and information transparency between investors and VC fund managers in order to eliminate the challenges of connecting and closing capital. By serving as the enabling platform, Revere aspires to simultaneously empower a new generation of fund managers and equip a wider audience of investors to participate in the next wave of innovation.I will leave you with this thought: many of you have heard of Sequoia Capital, an industry stalwart and a persistent generator of top returns for more than 5 decades.  Even more of you are familiar with the iconic companies that they seeded: Apple, Atari, Cisco, Google, Instagram, Airbnb, Stripe, and the list goes on. In 1972 their first fund was $3 million, today their last set of global funds eclipsed $8 billion. What if the next Sequoia Capital is hiding in plain sight amongst the sea of this early-stage emerging fund managers?

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